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Blackboard Ultra Navigation: Introduction

Introduction to Ultra Navigation in Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Ultra Navigation

Screen Shot of Blackboard Ultra Base NavigationBlackboard Ultra Navigation

On or shortly after May 15th (2018) Blackboard Learn will be upgraded to activate Ultra Navigation. This changes how users log in and find their courses in Blackboard, but makes only minor, cosmetic changes to the structure or content of courses.

Ultra Navigation is one step, but not the final step, toward implementing Blackboard Ultra Experience here at Loyola. The Ultra Experience is a new version of Blackboard with a completely new look and feel that will impact the structure and content of all courses. The change being made now is much smaller in scope. 

What Will Change in May 2018

After activating Ultra Navigation, users will notice the following changes

1: The login screen ( will have a different appearance. However, it will still ask for a username and password, and provide a link to help for Blackboard users.

2: The Landing Page (first screen after logging in) will be the Activity Stream page, identifying upcoming and recent events in the user's active courses. The Activity Stream reminds students of upcoming due dates and feedback from instructors. It reminds instructors of submissions needing grading, messages from students, and the like. 

3: A new Navigation Panel on the left-hand side of the screen will always provide options for accessing individual courses, the Blackboard Calendar, My Grades, and other Blackboard tools and university resources.

4: A new Courses Page will list all courses in which the user is enrolled. The list can be customized by hiding courses, and instructors will have the option of marking courses as private (unavailable to students) or completed (students can see content but can't submit any kind of work).

5: There will be a new Institution Page, with links to selected university resources.

6: Within each course there will be small differences in the appearance of text and/or buttons in the course menu, and in the standard icons that identify different types of course content (tests, documents, assignments, links, etc.).

What Won't Change (Until Later)

The organizational structure of each course, including content files (PowerPoint slides, Word Processing Documents, Links, Videos, etc.), will remain unchanged. Course functions such as the grade center, "needs grading," discussion boards, online tests, and submission of written assignments, will work the same way and will largely look the same as now. 

For Additional Information

CLICK HERE to watch a 6-minute video explaining Ultra Navigation.

CLICK HERE to see or download a PDF of the same presentation as a slide show with a script.

CLICK HERE to watch a 2-minute video about the Activity Stream page on Blackboard TV (YouTube)

CLICK HERE to visit Blackboard's help for the Courses page (for instructors).

CLICK HERE to visit Blackboard's help for the Courses page (for students). 

Sample Activity Stream Page

Activity Stream in Ultra Navigation (Screen Shot)

Sample Courses Page

Screen Shot: Blackboard Courses Page in Ultra Navigation

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