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Using The Blackboard ASR Database

Using Blackboard ASR


Blackboard Advanced System Reporting (ASR) is a separate Blackboard Database recording many of the details of user access to courses and course materials within Blackboard Learn. Data in the ASR are updated nightly from the live Blackboard Learn database. The ASR can be used to retrieve information of use to system administration, such as each user's last login date and time, last access to any given course, frequency of access to materials within a course or group of courses, and the like. Note that within the ASR the activity_accumulator table is very large, with more than 391 million rows as of February 2017.

Connecting to the ASR database requires:

  1. A preserved (static) IP address permanently associated with one particular computer at Loyola.
  2. A static IP address, sometimes referred to as an MIP or Hostname, provided by Blackboard.
  3. A specific port number within that IP address, provided by Blackboard.
  4. An SID (database name) provided by Blackboard.
  5. A User Name provided by Blackboard
  6. A Password provided by Blackboard

Working from the computer with the designated static IP at Loyola, it is possible to use the details provided by Blackboard to connect to the ASR database. A free copy of Oracle SQL Developer can connect and execute queries using the Standard Query Language (SQL). It is theoretically possible to connect a Microsoft Access database to the ASR, but this has not yet (Feb 2017) been explored.


activity_accumulator Details of users' access to the Blackboard Learn system, recording login, logout, and access to folders and modules within courses.
course_main Information about each course, including Course ID, Course Name, Creation Date, and Last Modification Date
course_users Lists the users enrolled in a given course, including each users's role in the course and a link to the corresponding record in the users table.
users Information about each Blackboard Learn user, including User ID, First and Last Name, and Last Access Date.

CLICK HERE for a more complete description of the ASR tables. 

CLICK HERE for a complete schema of the Blackboard Learn database, including the ASR.