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Evaluation Kit Data Processing: Overview

Overview of Evaluation Kit Data Processing

Evaluation Kit (EK) is a Blackboard plugin for the online completion of Course Evaluation surveys by students. Near the end of each semester or group of courses, a set of survey formats is set up in the EK system. Survey formats vary by college and other course groupings, and each format is identified by a Project ID. To function correctly, the EK system must be loaded with enrollments that list the user name of each student and instructor within a course, and associate each enrollment with an existing EK Project ID.  User names and Course IDs must match those in Blackboard, and Project IDs must match those in EK, for the linkage between the two software packages to work.

EK can easily import groups of courses and their enrollments from Blackboard, but this feature is not currently used. The easy import would create data problems because 1) unofficial courses are often manually created in Blackboard, 2) unofficial student enrollments are often manually entered in Blackboard, and 3) Blackboard course definitions do not carry the various codes needed to properly filter out courses or to group courses into related EK Project IDs.

For these reasons, the enrollment details loaded into EK are drawn directly from the data regularly sent from LORA to Blackboard. This data focuses more narrowly on official courses and registrations. Courses drawn from the LORA-to-Blackboard interface have codes that can be used to filter out courses that don’t participate in the evaluation surveys, and to group courses into EK Project IDs.

Processing of the data from LORA is accomplished by importing that data into a Microsoft Access Database.  A set of queries inside of that database knit together the various pieces of information, filter out unwanted courses, and group courses and enrollments by EK project and/or survey. Some queries are used for reporting purposes, and some format the data for export and upload to EK.