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Blackboard Essentials for Instructors

Blackboard Essentials

Blackboard Essentials for Instructors

This web page introduces the essentials of using Blackboard Learn at Loyola University New Orleans. It is designed primarily for instructors with little or no experience using a Learning Management System.

Getting Started With Blackboard

CLICK HERE to log in to Blackboard for Loyola New Orleans (located at

Your username is your 8-digit Campus Wide ID number. If you've never logged in before, your starter password is the first two letters of your first name followed by the last four digits of your Social Security Number. You can change your password inside of Blackboard at any time (make sure you can remember the new password).  To change your password, log in to Blackboard then click on your name near the top of the gray panel on the left side of the Blackboard screen, then click on "Change Password."

If you are unfamiliar with logging in to Blackboard and navigating inside of it, CLICK HERE to visit Loyola's Blackboard Orientation pages. You might want to review "Part 1: Logging In" and "Part 2: Navigating Blackboard." 

Some related help and policies available online:

  • CLICK HERE for Loyola's general help pages for Blackboard Users
  • CLICK HERE for Blackboard's Help Pages on Blackboard Learn for Instructors
  • CLICK HERE for Blackboard's Help Pages on Collaborate Web Conferencing for Instructors
  • CLICK HERE for Blackboard's Tutorial Videos for Instructors (YouTube)
  • CLICK HERE for information about online access to Office Software
  • CLICK HERE for Loyola's Continuity of Operations Plan

Click on any of the tabs at the top of this page to select a topic. The available tabs and topics are:

Find a Course Finding one course on your list of courses
Inside a Course Basic navigation inside of a Blackboard course
Text Editor The Blackboard Text Editing tool (Buidling Content)
Attach a File Attaching files to parts of a course for student access
Announcements Sending announcements to the class
Send Email Sending email messages to the class or to individual students in a class
Add Content Add content to a course
Create Assignment Create an assignment for student essays and other work
Create Test Create a test for students to take on Blackboard
Discussion Board Setting up discussions board forums for online (asynchronous) discussions
Grading Online Grading Assignments and Tests Online
Grade Center Working with the Grade Center (Grade Book) inside of a course
Collaborate Using Blackboard Collaborate to record video presentations and for web conferencing


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