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Information Literacy Modules (Basic): MODULE #1: Working with Liaisons & Subject Guides

Contains four modules that introduce basic information literacy and library research skills through videos followed by quizzes.


When you complete this module, you should be able to locate your librarian liaison and subject-specific research guides in order to select the best resources for your research.

The links to each video are here: Librarian Liaison and Subject Research.

Here is a link to the module written out: script for Module #1 videos


Video 1: Librarian Liaisons

Loyola’s librarians are experts in finding and evaluating information. We hold graduate degrees in library and information science and are specialists in academic research and instructional technology. There is a librarian liaison assigned to every major and minor in the university so no matter what project you are working on, there is someone who can help you. Liaisons can help you with research for your coursework, thesis, or capstone. We also order books, movies, music, and more to support your research, so let us know if there are resources you think the library should purchase. Librarian liaisons can also recommend and provide training on digital tools to help you create and manage your scholarly and creative work. 

Sometimes a librarian liaison is embedded in a course, in which case they may come to your class to teach you how to use library resources and technology. You may see their contact info in Canvas, complete modules and tutorials created by them for your course, and even get feedback from them on your assignments. But liaisons are available to work with you for all your courses, even if they’re not embedded in your class.

To find who your librarian liaison is for a particular subject area, go to the library homepage at Scroll down to the Quick Links section and select “Schedule Research Consultation.” You can also find this page by going to the People and Places menu on the library website, then Library Instruction, then Research Consultations. Use the drop-down menu labeled “Subject” to select the subject you need help with.

Once you have identified your liaison, you can contact them by email or phone. You can also make an appointment to consult one-on-one with your liaison by clicking the “Make an appointment” link. Select a time and date that works for you. Enter your contact information and select how you would like to meet--options may include phone, web or video conference, and chat. Click “Schedule Event” when you’re done, and your appointment will automatically be added to your liaison’s calendar.

Video 2: Subject Research

Just like there is a librarian liaison for every major and minor at Loyola, the library provides Research Guides for all major and minor subject areas, as well as guides for individual courses. The library subscribes to many online academic resources that would be prohibitively expensive for you to subscribe to alone. These include journals, databases, streaming media, newspapers, and more. You have access to all of these resources regardless of what your major or minor is. We have created Research Guides to help you find the best resources for your particular subject area.

To access Research Guides, start on the library homepage at There is a link to Research Guides under the QuickSearch search box. You can also get to Research Guides by going to the Resources menu on the library website, then Research, then Research Guides; OR, you can bookmark

This takes you to a list of guides that we have created for every major and minor in the university in the “Subject Guides” box. These guides include carefully curated lists of the resources that we think would be most useful for your research. In addition to creating these generalized subject guides, we also sometimes create guides for individual courses which are linked from the main subject guides. You can also browse Research Guides by Subject, by Course, by Liaison, by Tutorial, by Exhibit or Event, or browse all Guides.

Once you have located the guide you need, you should see links to different databases. To begin searching for resources on your topic, select a database. If you are off campus, you will be prompted to login using your SSO, or Single Signon, username and password.

If you need further help with your research, you can use the contact info for the liaison located on the right side of the guide.

Every page on the library website, and some individual research guides, have a link to Library Chat. You can use the library chat widget for research questions 24/7. Library chat is staffed by Monroe Library liaisons as well as librarians from other Jesuit universities around the country and by a company called Chatstaff when librarians are not available, so note that you may not be talking to your librarian liaison or even to a librarian from Loyola if you use this service.

Module 1 Quiz