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Criminology & Justice: CRIM A300 & CRIM A710

Strategic Searching

Please watch each of these three videos, in order. Each covers a different search tip:

Once you finish watching the videos, you can access helpful databases, including Criminal Justice Abstracts, by clicking on the blue, left-hand "Home" tab above. Links to the databases will be in the middle column.

Next, you should use those databases to (1) prepare a search on your own topic and (2) share a screen shot which shows your successful use of all three search tips. You will submit your screen shot in your Canvas course site or here:

To help you with this assignment, I have shared a sample screen shot here, below the videos. NOTE: The labels (in red) are for your guidance; there is no need to add labels to your own screen shots.

Combining Keywords

Subject Searching

Using Search Limiters