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Education Certification: TEAC A700

Welcome to the Education Certification Guide. This guide contains many resources to help you with research in the education field.


Cat Reading Here are videos offering search and access tips with the ERIC database, as well as instructions for how to submit a screen shot of your practice with these tips. First, watch each video. Second, when you are ready to practice, click on the blue "Home" button to see relevant database links and then choose "ERIC". Finally, once you have successfully implemented the three main search tips -- organizing your search, applying limiters, and using successful subject searching -- take a screen shot of your results page to submit as directed on your course Canvas site. 
 The example screen shot below simply shows you what evidence I will need to see in order to know whether you have performed a successful strategic search. You do not have to label your screen shot as I have done -- only make sure that I can see the relevant portions of the screen.
 If you have questions about this assignment, or about your own research, please don't hesitate to email me -- -- or if you would like to discuss your project in more detail, please make an appointment with me. I look forward to working with you! 
Jason Ezell, Education Librarian


TIP #1: Organizing Your Search Terms

TIP #2: Using Limiters

TIP #3: Subject Searching

TIP #4: Accessing Articles

ASSIGNMENT: Screen Shot of an ERIC Search on Your Own Topic

Now, use ERIC to devise a strategic search on your own topic, using all three search tips. Once you have implemented the search tips, take a screen shot like the one below, showing evidence of how you applied the search tips. (You do not need to label your screen shot.) If you want to review how to take a screen shot on any device, you can refer to this web page. Once you have completed your screen shot, please submit it on Canvas as directed. 

Remember: The point of this exercise is to craft strategic exercises so that you will find scholarly articles on your topic efficiently. If you run into hurdles with your research -- e.g., finding relevant subject terms, accessing the full text, please let me know. I enjoy helping with research!