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Blackboard Interface from LORA (Student Information System): Exclusions

Courses Excluded from the Blackboard Interface

Some courses known to LORA are either irrelevenat to Blackboard or are managed on Blackboard manually by an academic department. In both cases, the courses are filtered out of the data that comes from LORA before it is uploaded to Blackboard. Courses to be excluded can be identified by a string in the Course ID. The strings that indicate exclusion are:


[In January of 2017, the exclusions were changed so that all courses matching '*-NURS-*' were excluded. The removed the entire Nursing program from the interface. Prior to that time, the excluded Nursing courses were those matching '*-NURS-G7*', '*-NURS-G8*' or '*NURS-G9*'.]

Headers Excluded from the Blackboard Interface from LORA

The data extracts from the Student Information System contain header records (lines) that can be ignored. These can be identified by the starting strings:


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