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Continuing Online Operations
Loyola is continuing online operations while we prepare for reopening safely in the fall. Coronavirus resources



Students can create Portfolios within their own Blackboard account and then share their Portfolio with faculty. Another option is for faculty to create a Portfolio assignment within a Blackboard course which the student then submits their Portfolio to. Faculty should choose this option if the Portfolio will be graded by the faculty within Blackboard.

Creating a Portfolio Assignment

1. Access the course which should include a Portfolio as an assignment
2. In the Course Menu, click the content area that will include the Portfolio Assignment
3. In the toolbar, click Assessments, and select Assignment
5. Enter a Name for the assignment and Points Possible
6. Click the Submission Details link
7. Under Assignment Type, click Portfolio Submission
8. Select other options or details as appropriate, then click the Submit button

You can now grade Portfolios submitted to this Portfolio Assignment in the Grade Center, like any other Assignment submission.

Portfolio Assignment in Blackboard

These instructions are adapted from Northern Illinois University's Blackboard Portfolios Quick Guide for Faculty.