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Feminist Festival Faculty Works Bibliography: Home

The Monroe Library presents this display of faculty works. which may focus on women and gender issues or may show the progress women have made in various academic, business, and artistic areas.

Feminist Festival Exhibit

Feminist Festival book display

Books are located on the "New Book" shelf outside the Living Room on the 1st floor of the library.



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The exhibition also includes art by Grace Jinnah, Daniela Marx, Natalie McLaurin, and Jeanette Zavala. 

"Ongoing Campaign" by Daniela Marx

(l-r) "Untitled" by Jeanette Zavala, "Mutant Strength" and "Beard Measuring Contest" by Natalie McLaurin

(l-r) "Untitled" by Jeanette Zavala, "Mutant Strength" and "Beard Measuring Contest" by Natalie McLaurin

(l-r) "Landscape," "Still Life," and "Landscape" by Grace Jinnah

(l-r) "Landscape," "Still Life," and "Landscape" by Grace Jinnah