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Evaluation Kit Data Processing: Procedure

Processing Procedure

  1. Locate the directory containing the EKPROD Access database.
  2. Load reference tables inside the database
    1. Review the CODES table and make changes if needed.
    2. Load the PROJBYCOURSE table with Project IDs by Course (Set Project ID = 'Exclude' to exclude a course individually).
    3. Load the PROJBYCOLL table with Project IDs by College.
    4. Load the SESSIONS table with start and end dates by Session ID.
    5. Load the SESSBYCOURSE table with override Session IDs by Course, if any.  
  3. Run the Raw Courses report in Web Focus, storing the results as a text file named RAW COURSES.txt in the directory identified in step 1.
  4. Copy the most recently created SIS-to-Blackboard interface files for instructors, students, instructor enrollments, and student enrollments into the directory identified in step 1.  
  5. In the main menu within the EKPROD database, click the Import All button. This will import the five text files.
  6. Click the Export Std button to export the standard reports to the directory identified in step 1.
  7. Uploadable data for all sessions can be found in the query named "Uploadable."
  8. Individual sessions can be broken out by simple queries.
  9. Files can be uploaded to a directory named DirectEnrollmentFilesToProcess at, using a secure shell file transfer protocol (can be done with Filezilla). A user name and password is required.