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DVD Streaming Licenses

Streaming Library-Owned DVDs through Courses


Most DVDs owned by the library can be streamed within courses in the Learning Management System (LMS) under "fair use" guidelines. DVDs in this category are generally made available for a period of two-weeks, although this can be extended if the video materials relate to course activities taking place over a longer period of time.

Some DVDs have been categorized as requiring individualized streaming licenses. The default assumption of availability for a two-week window does not apply to these. Instead, the following two rules are to be used to determine availability:

  1. If the library has a license AND the license is currently in effect, the content of the DVD can be streamed from within a course in the LMS for an unlimited period of time.
  2. If the library has no license, OR a previously purchased license has expired, the content of the DVD can NOT be streamed at all, for any length of time. Contact Laurie Phillips about buying or extending streaming rights BEFORE building the course links for streaming.

The table appearing immediately below lists those DVDs for which an individualized license is required.If a DVD is not listed, it can be streamed for a default two-week window. If a DVD is listed in the table, it is important to check whether or not the library has a license (the 4th column) and to check the comments (in the 5th column) to determine whether or not a previously purchased license is still in effect.

The second table appearing below lists the licensing status for all library-owned DVDs, for reference purposes.

Both tables have vertical and horizontal scrollbars. They link by URL to published Google Sheets. Changes in the underlying Google Sheets are reflected each time this page is opened (but not each time the page is refreshed).

Library-Owned DVDs Requiring a Streaming License

Licensing Status of all Library-Owned DVDs