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Grading in Blackboard: Categories

Grouping Columns Into Categories

Categories are tags or labels that can be used to relate two or more Grade Center columns to each other. This can be useful for documenting and keeping track of which columns represent which kinds of work, and can also be used by Calculated Columns to treat a selected set of columns as a group.

To see the categories that are already defined in a course, or to modify the list of categories, go to the Full Grade Center inside the course and click on Manage, then Categories. 

Screen Shot: the "Manage" tab inside the Full Grade Center

A list of existing categories will appear on the screen, showing the name of each category, a brief description of the category if one was entered, and the names of any Grade Center columns that are associated with that category:

Screen Shot: List of Grade Center Categories in a course

To add a new category, click the "Create Category" tab at the top of the list: 

Screen Shot: Create Category in Blackboard Grade Center

All you have to do is type in a name and (optionally) a short description, then click on the Submit button.

All that creating a category does is make the label (name of the category) available in the course. To assign a Grade Center column to a category, go to the Full Grade Center and find the desired column by name. Click on the chevron (down arrow inside a circle) to the right of the column name, and click on Edit Column Information. This will bring up a screen that describes the details of the column, part of which will look like this:

Screen shot: Setting the Category inside of a Grade Center Column

Click inside the "Category" box to see a pull-down list of all of the Grade Center categories that have been defined in the course. Click on the desired category name, then click Submit. At that point,the column is associated with (included in) the category.