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Grading in Blackboard: Rubrics

Grading With Rubrics

Rubrics can be effective tools for ensuring that each student's submission is graded by the same standards, for communicating expectations to students, and for making feedback to students more informative. A rubric is a grid of grading criteria, established by the instructor. A picture of a typical rubric (from Blackboard's documentation) is shown here:

A few points about using rubrics:

  • You can create a rubric under Course Tools > Rubrics. You'll also have the option to create a new rubric when examining the details of a Column in Grade Center, or when examining the settings of a test or assignment.
  • A rubric has to be associated with a test or assignment in order for the instructor or grader to be able to use it. An assignment or test can be associated with a rubric in the test or assignment options, or in the details of a Column in the Grade Center.
  • When you associate a rubric with an assignment, you can choose whether or not the student can see the rubric in advance, or only after grading, and whether the details of the grading in each rubric category will be visible.
  • You can associate multiple rubrics with a test or assignment, but only one of them will be used for grading. Additional rubrics can be used only for "secondary" evaluations.
  • An overly elaborate rubric will be difficult to use and may not communicate effectively to the student.