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Grading in Blackboard: Resubmission

Granting Additional Submissions

Allowing Additional Submissions

For any number of reasons, an instructor might want to allow an individual student to make an additional submission for a particular assignment, after the maximum number of submissions is reached (the maximum number of submissions is set by the instructor when an assignment is created). The procedure described below will enable a student who has reached that limit for a given assignment to submit again. Two important warnings:

  1. This procedure allows one student to make one additional submission for one particular assignment, only.
  2. This procedure does not extend due dates or availability dates. If needed, those have to be changed by editing the assignment.

Ignoring, Clearing, or Allowing Additional Submissions

To allow an additional submission, go the Full Grade Center within the related course. Locate the cell that corresponds to the assignment in question (column) and the student needing to resubmit (row). Depending on the specific history, you might see a grade in that cell, an exclamation point in a circle (indicating that the student's submission is waiting to be graded), or a blue pie chart with one slice missing (indicating that the student has saved a submission but not yet clicked the Submit button to make it available to the instructor). Move the cursor into that cell, then click on the chevron (down-arrow inside a circle) that appears within that cell:

Screenshot of part of the Full Grade Center display showing "chevron" (down-arrow inside a circle) inside one cell of the Grid.

After clicking on the chevron, a pop-up menu will appear. In that pop-up menu, click on "View Grade Details":

Screen Shot of Full Grade Center, showing pop-up menu that appears after clicking the chevron, including the "View Grade Details" option.

After clicking View Grade Details, a display of the Grade History for the specified student and assignment will appear. The exact buttons for allowing an additional submission may vary slightly, depending on the number of submissions already made and the maximum number allowed by the instructor. With all possible buttons displayed, the screen will look something like:this:

Screen Shot of Grade Details display, with three buttons for allowing an additional submission circled in red.

Clicking any one of the three buttons will allow the student to make an additional submission for the assignment, assuming the assignment is still available to students and -- if the assignment is set to prohibit submissions after the due date -- the due date has not passed. The difference between the function of the three buttons is small, but can be important under some circumstances.

  • CLEAR ATTEMPT -- discards the attempt (submission) listed on the screen. No record of the submission is retained.
  • IGNORE ATTEMPT -- ignores the attempt (submission). The system keeps a copy of what the student submitted, but its grade (if any) is ignored and the submission is not counted against the limit on the number of submissions.
  • ALLOW ADDITIONAL ATTEMPT -- Allow the student to attempt (submit) one more time. Records of previous submissions are retained. All attempts will be included in grade calculations, IF the assignment is set to allow multiple attempts for all students. The additional submission will be treated with the same grading rules specified for multiple submissions for that assignment (counting the first, last, highest, lowest, or average of submission grades).