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MKT B340: Promotions Management (Gottfried): More Information

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Interpreting Nielsen SMS Reports

Each report type will have different data included. Definitions of the terms used in the reports are available in the Calculations Guide along with info on how the numbers in each report are calculated.

Here is an example annotated Target Segment Measures report showing how likely someone is to vote in a Presidential election based on the amount of education they've received.

Nielsen SMS annotated report


Tips and Best Practices

Nielsen SMS's Frequently Asked Questions document has some tips and best practices for using Nielsen SMS. Here are a few:

How many segments should I pick for a campaign?

  • It depends on the client and consumer behavior.  Our recommendation is to focus on 15‐20 segments.
  • Ideally, we recommend clients aim for over‐indexing segments with a score of 120 or higher. This creates clear separation from the general population.  The higher the index, the more likely that segment is to engage in the behavior.


What is an index? How do I interpret?

  • An Index is a basic statistical tool designed to show the proportional differences between two groups.  In the case of PRIZM, the index shows the difference or propensity to participate in a lifestyle, demographic characteristic, or to use or buy a product compared to an average of 100. For example, an index of 120 would imply that a segment is 20% more likely to participate in a certain behavior. For an index of 200, we would say the segment is twice as likely to participate in a behavior. The index is calculated by dividing the percent penetration for the behavior by the percent penetration for the base and multiplying by 100.

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