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ENGL T122: Critical Reading and Writing (Shkreli)

Background Research

You will need to start the research process by learning more details beyond what you already know on your chosen topic. The library has a large number of digital encyclopedias covering a wide range of fields of study. Another possible source for background information may be newspapers. Bear in mind that the information in these two types of sources will be less in-depth and more basic in scope and content. Both are written with a general audience in mind as opposed to the more specialized audience that scholarly articles target. 

In the Encyclopedias and Dictionaries link below, Credo and Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) will be the best places to start if there is no specialty encyclopedia in the list. If your topic is a specifically local one, you may want to start your research with The Times-Picayune (The New Orleans Advocate). You may also check freely available online sources such as Wikipedia, but bear in mind that there is no guarantee of quality control as with resources that you access through the library website.

Click on the menu tab to the left that says "Tools for In-Depth Research" to begin searching for sources with a deeper coverage and a more focused scope. 

Issues, Controversies, and Debates