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The purpose of an ePortfolio is to enable students to manage their digital identity. Throughout your time as a student you will amass many digital assets whether those are papers, blog posts, multimedia projects, or other means of digital scholarship. Your ePortfolio can act as both a digital archive to preserve your work and a web portfolio to share with your current professors and with potential graduate schools or employers. 


Blackboard's Portfolio tool makes it easy for you to create an ePortfolio that can be shared with your classmates, instructors, or even outside of Loyola. Blackboard provides tutorials on creating your ePortfolio, and Northern Illinois University also has a handy Quick Guide.

The advantages of using Blackboard (Bb) for your ePortfolio are the ability to: 

  • Organize your portfolio to your own or your instructor's specifications
  • Upload multiple types of supplementary files, or "artifacts," such as videos, images, sound recordings, presentations, text files, and more, either from your computer or from courses you've taken within Bb
  • Maintain your portfolio throughout your career as a student
  • Share your portfolio with instructors as part of your coursework
  • Share your portfolio with prospective internship or job supervisors
  • Export your portfolio for long-term preservation

Accessing Your Portfolio in Blackboard

To get to your Portfolio space, login to Blackboard, click "Tools" on the left, then "Portfolios." This will bring you to "My Portfolios," where you can create, edit, share, and delete your Portfolios.

Tools Menu in Blackboard


Portfolios in Blackboard


Creating and Editing Your Portfolio

  • From My Portfolios, click Create Portfolio
  • Type a Title in the Title text box. Depending on your assignment, you may wish to name the Portfolio after a specific course, or create a more general Portfolio, such as "Jane Doe's Portfolio."
  • Type a Description for your Portfolio (optional)
  • Click Submit



Once your Portfolio is created, you can edit it by going to the the My Portfolios page and clicking Edit.

My Portfolios menu in Blackboard

Structuring Your Portfolio

Adding Pages and Sections

Once your Portfolio is created, you need to setup your overall organization. Bb Portfolios are made up of Sections, Pages, Descriptions, and Artifacts.

  • Pages: provide structure to the portfolio. Each page must have at least one section.
  • Sections: provide structure to the page's content.
  1. Add a Page by clicking the Plus + sign at the top of the Menu. Add a Section by clicking the Plus + within the Page.
  2. Each Page and Section you create will be added to your navigation menu from within edit mode. Once you publish your Portfolio, only Page titles will appear in your menu.

Navigation to add a Page and a Section in Bb Portfolio


Each Page and Section you create will be added to your navigational menu:

Page and Section headings in Blackboard Portfolios


Description and Artifact

Within the Sections of your Portfolio you can also add:

  • Content: descriptions can be added to each Section to provide context. Descriptions can include both text and media.
  • Artifact: a downloadable file, such as final versions of assignments, certifications, internship evaluations, etc.

Edit any part of a Section by clicking where you want to edit (section title, Content, or Add Artifact)
Edit the Content in the text box and click "Add Artifact" to upload documents. You can upload multiple Artifacts to a single Section. 
Click Save at the bottom right when you're finished.

Section/Artifact edit window in Bb Portfolio

More About Artifacts

You can either upload artifacts you have saved on your computer, or select artifacts you've turned in through your Bb courses.

To upload from your computer, select Personal Artifact. Enter a Title, Description, and/or Content. Then click Browse My Computer, navigate to your file, and click Submit.

To attach an artifact from a Bb course, select Add From Course. A menu of all of your Bb courses will appear on the left. Locate the relevant course, select the radio button for it, and then find your assignment in the window on the right side. Click the checkbox next to the assignment you want to add. Once you've selected the assignment, click Submit.


Editing Navigation

At any time, change the order of your Pages and Sections by moving them around in the Navigation Menu on the left.

Preview and Customize

To see what your Portfolio looks like so far, click Preview and Customize. To change the visual layout of the Portfolio, click Customize Style at the top left of the screen. Play around with different Layout and Color options until you’re happy with what your Portfolio looks like.

Sharing Your Portfolio

To submit your Portfolio as coursework, go to the appropriate course within Bb and navigate to the Portfolio assignment. Click Browse. In the pop-up window, select your portfolio. Click the Submit button to close the pop-up window. Click the Submit button again on the Assignment page.

To send your Portfolio to someone, go to the My Portfolios page, click More on the portfolio you want to share, and select Share. Hover your cursor over Share a Snapshot With and select a user type.

Note: Any time you share your Portfolio, whether through a course or by sending to an individual, you are only sharing a snapshot. Your viewer will not see any changes you make after you have shared the Portfolio. Make sure your Portfolio is complete before sharing.

Exporting your Portfolio

Coming soon!