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Online Services Supporting Instructors at Loyola New Orleans

Online Services Supporting Instructors at Loyola New Orleans



The most important online services that support teaching at Loyola New Orleans are listed here. Video tutorials are very brief. Some are in Flash video format, which will not play in the Safari Browser on Mac or iOS platforms.



"Accessibility" requires course materials be designed so that students with vision or hearing challenges can use them as successfully as other students. 

CLICK HERE for tips and suggestions on accessibility. 


CLICK HERE for faculty resources at the Loyola New Orleans Book Store. 


LORA is the official system of record for courses, enrollments, and grades. Students expect to be able to view the syllabus for a course and see on LORA the syllabus for any course they are considering and book the instructor has ordered for the course

CLICK HERE for video introduction (3 mins 15 secs). 

CLICK HERE to go to the LORA web page.


The library has databases of articles, eBooks, DVDs, and other materials you might want to use in your course. Librarians can help you find Open course materials and can arrange scanning of paper documents. Media Services, located on the first floor of the library, lends and provides technical assistance with electronics for use in courses, including cameras, microphones, audio recorders, and more. The Faculty Innovation Lab has computers with software for audio and video recording, as well as technology training materials.

CLICK HERE for video introduction (2 mins 21 secs).

CLICK HERE to go to the library's web page.

CLICK HERE for Media Services.

CLICK HERE for the Faculty Innovation Lab.


Your college or academic department may have its own recommendations or requirements for the structure of a course syllabus. The university has some general guidelines and a standard syllabus template that can be found at:

CLICK HERE for Loyola's syllabus guidelines


CLICK HERE to see online course design standards

Contact the Online Learning Team and ask to be enrolled in the Online Learning Resources course, containing links to helpful suggestions and information about teaching online.