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LAS O260: The Cultural Voyages of the Virgin Mary: Home

Research guide for LAS O260: The Cultural Voyages of the Virgin Mary - From the Gospels to Latin America


Below are some resources to help you with your assignments in this class. These include:

  • Online Image Databases that can be used to search for digital images;
  • Reference Resources for searching encyclopedia entries and other resources from art history and religious studies;
  • Databases with Peer-Reviewed Journals with full-text articles (and some magazines and books);
  • A few links for guidance and support on Citing Your Sources, an important skill to cultivate in your studies.

Online Image Databases

Citing Your Sources

The Office of Writing and Learning Services (OWLS) on the second floor of the Monroe Library at Loyola University offers:

Reference Resources

Peer-Reviewed Journals

Digital Collections Archivist