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POLS A360: Russian Politics (Bingham): Finding Media/Primary Sources

Documentary Examples

These are the clips shown in class. As we watch we will brainstorm types of materials used to tell the story visually. This will get us to start thinking about the way the medium of film can be used to convey research. More trailers and full documentaries are available at:

The Importance of a Storyboard

How two tourists recreated Homer Simpson's culinary tour of 54 New Orleans restaurants in 7 days

"There was just one problem: Von Niederhäusern would only be in the city for a week. Pulling this off, they realized, would require meticulous planning, ensuring the endeavor was as efficient as possible. They printed out a storyboard of each shot in the Simpsons scene as well as a giant map of the city — marking the locations of all the restaurants, their addresses and opening hours."

The storyboard and map Janine Wiget and Katrin von Niederhäusern made

Find Content

Primary Sources (primarily newspapers)

Research Guide: Finding and Using Media

This research guide (accessed by clicking the link "Finding and Using Media" above) has a lot of information about locating images, audio and video. It lists resources available to you through the library and free online media outside the library that is in the public domain or published using a creative commons license.

Related Library Databases

Interviewing and Filming

Subject Guide