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Guide from August 1, 2018 workshop on text mining for Monroe Library Teaching & Learning Team


This content was presented as a workshop to the Monroe Library Teaching & Learning Team on August 1, 2018. Slides from that workshop are available in Wolf-LOR, the learning objects repository.

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Data Sources

Loyola users can download text corpora from Drive. Corpora have also been pre-loaded into Voyant with default view for quick access and are linked below.

Designing Instruction for Accessibility

  • Provide handouts in print and electronically prior to the class
  • Make sure electronically provided handouts and files are accessible using the Accessibility Quick Guide
  • Caption/transcript all multimedia content
  • Provide instructions for keyboard or speech use only
  • Describe in detail any visual cues you say in the course; for example, say "click the red 'publish' button on the right side of the screen" instead of "then click 'publish' over here"
  • Provide students with info about browser extensions to aid in color perception, such as Chrome's Color Enhancer or Firefox's Colorblind Design
  • Allow students to complete assignments outside of class

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