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Changes to Canvas in May of 2022 - For Faculty

The “New LORA” and Changes to Canvas (For Faculty)

Starting with the Summer Semester of 2022, courses, users, and enrollments are being loaded into Canvas from Loyola’s New LORA system (Ellucian Colleague). You will notice a few changes in Canvas as a result:


The names of terms (semesters) will be slightly different, such as 2022SU instead of 22M. In addition, each term will now have a start and end date set in Canvas. If you go to the settings page of a course and set course participation to “Term,” students will be able to submit work only between the dates defined in the Term (not recommended). 


New Courses will be created in Canvas with a status of Published, a course start date set to one day before the start date listed in New LORA, a course end date set to 90 days after the end date listed in New LORA, and with participation set to “Course.”  With these settings, students will be able to submit work between the start and end dates as recorded in the individual course in Canvas. Changing these settings in Canvas is not recommended, because any subsequent changes to the course in New LORA will overwrite these settings in Canvas. 

Students Viewing Content

If you want to prevent students from seeing the content of a course before the start date, go to the course settings page and check the box labeled “Restrict students from viewing course before course start date.” You can uncheck that box at any time, if you want to allow students to see course content before the start date. If you leave that box checked, students will  automatically gain access to view course content and submit work once the start date arrives. 

Leave Courses Published

There is no longer a process that automatically publishes courses one day before the course start date. Changing the publication status of a course is not recommended, because of potential overwrites from New LORA. 

Enrollment Drops from New LORA

All enrollment drops recorded in New LORA, regardless of type, will result in the student being removed from the course in Canvas, rather than being marked inactive. If you need to examine grades and submissions from a student who has been removed from a course, email to request a temporary reactivation of the enrollment.

Cross-Listing on New LORA

Cross-listing of sections can and should be specified in New LORA. Cross-lists entered in New LORA are automatically forwarded to Canvas, creating a new, empty course shell that contains all the sections that were cross-listed. It is important, however, that such cross-lists be entered in New LORA well in advance of activity in the course in Canvas. If a cross-list is entered on New LORA after content is built in Canvas, the content will be left behind when the new and empty course shell is created. If a cross-list is entered in New LORA after grades and submissions exist in a course, those grades and submissions will be left behind as well. If these situations occur, email to request assistance. 

Cross-Listing on Canvas (Only)

Sections can also be cross-listed on Canvas. However, cross-lists entered on Canvas will not be known to New LORA. For this reason, cross-lists should be entered on New LORA whenever practical. To request a cross-list within Canvas only, email For information on Loyola’s cross-listing (course merger) policy, CLICK HERE

How Students Find Courses

Prior to the course start date in Canvas, students will not see upcoming courses on the Canvas Dashboard page. Students will be able to see upcoming courses in Canvas by clicking on Courses > All Courses, then scrolling down to Future Enrollments. Students will be able to open courses listed there and examine their contents, unless the instructor has checked the course setting box labeled “Restrict students from viewing course before course start date.” 

Preferred Pronouns

In New LORA a user can set their preferred pronouns, and these will be forwarded automatically to Canvas. Users can also set their preferred pronouns directly in Canvas, but this is not recommended, because the setting in Canvas could be overwritten anytime changes are made to the user’s account in New LORA. 

Preferred Names

Each user can also specify a chosen name in New LORA, and the entered value is forwarded to Canvas as the user’s name. 


For help troubleshooting any issues related to the above, please email