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Online Learning Developer - Tasks and Job Description

Learning Technologies Developer - Job Description

  • Assist Faculty in the use of Blackboard, with an emphasis on:
    • Structuring folders and links for ease of use
    • Building links to content on other servers
      • Includes Onstream, Library Collections, Library Databases, and outside websites
    • Copying content from one course to another
    • Understanding types of test questions, automated grading, and test options
    • Processing submitted work through SafeAssign
    • Setting up Discussion Board forums, Wikis, and other interactive activities
    • Setting up course shells for committees and promotion review
  • Resolve Blackboard problems and misunderstandings encountered by students, faculty, and other users.
    • Monitor and respond to emails on
      • Includes voice mails automatically posted to Onlineed from X 7168
      • Includes escalation emails from 800-number BB Support
      • Remove/cleanup old messages on X 7168
    • Respond to other email and telephone requests from users.
  • Proactively train and assist Blackboard users
  • Act as liaison between Blackboard Users here and Blackboard Technical Support
  • Act as liaison between Blackboard Users here and Loyola I.T. Support
  • Rip, convert, and upload video and audio to the Onstream server
  • Upload other content, such as PowerPoint presentations, to Onstream as needed
  • Direct faculty to Media Services when they wish to record classroom lectures or activities
  • ​Assist faculty in understanding the technical details that make course materials more accessible
  • Monitor the LORA-to-Blackboard interface daily and correct as needed
  • Work with department of Institutional Research each semester in support of the end-of-semester course evaluation process.
  • Once or twice per calendar year, ensure that backup copies of all Blackboard courses are stored on campus
    • Send hard drive to Blackboard with open support ticket
      • Request full archive of all existing courses
    • Consolidate the archived courses on the disk from Blackboard with archive folders on campus
      • Add new archived courses to the consolidated folder
      • Overlay existing courses in the consolidated folder with the copy on the disk from Blackboard, if the copy on the BB disk has a later modification date
  • As needed, extract information from the Blackboard Advanced System Reporting (ASR) database.
  • ​As needed by the Standing Committee for Online Education (SCOE):