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Sociology: SOCI A335: Advanced Subject Searching

Information resources on sociology and related areas at the Monroe Library, Loyola University New Orleans.


Welcome to the library instruction for SOCI A335: Research Methods & Technology. The focus of this instruction is to show you how to conduct subject searching in the database SocINDEX and then how to refine your search results and share them. Please watch each video for a demonstration on those skills. Note that I have included a file to remind you of the steps in the two ways of subject searching in SocINDEX. You may want to refer to this as you complete your worksheet.

The worksheet appears at the bottom of this page. For the last question on the worksheet, you will have to work with a topic of your own, so please think of one before beginning. Download the worksheet, type your answers in directly, save your work, and then submit according to your professor's instructions, as a Word or pdf file. 

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

Video 1: Subject Searching

Video 2: Refining & Sharing Results

Subject Searching -- Overview of Process


Annual Reviews

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Annual Reviews