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Sociology: SOCI X232: Finding Books & Describing Authority

Information resources on sociology and related areas at the Monroe Library, Loyola University New Orleans.


When reading up on a social issue, it is important to know how to find a good book in order to get fuller context and thoughtful consideration of the topic and how to choose a book that you can trust for your project, whatever that might be.

This module includes two videos and one short writing assignment. By the time you finish the module, you should be able to

  • Find (and access) a book using the Monroe Library catalog
  • Describe the authority of a book in order to demonstrate its fit for an academic assignment

If you have any questions or issues with the module, please email me to let me know: Jason Ezell (

When you get ready to begin the short writing assignment, please begin your search for a book on the Monroe Library home page.

For your reference, I have attached a script of the two videos and this link to Victoria Elmwood's guide for Evaluating Sources.

Video 1: Finding Books

Video 2: Describing Authority

Short Written Assignment

Please download this Word file and follow the instructions to profile and describe the authority of a book you have chosen on your own topic from the Monroe Library catalog. Please note that the assignment is two pages, with two main sections. Answer all questions in this document, save as a Word or .pdf file, and upload where indicated on your course Canvas site.