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Turn One Article into Many: Who Cited It

Techniques to take one good article on your topic and locate many other good articles.

Look for articles that cite the one you have

Use one of these services to see who has cited the one good article that you already have, and any more you find along the way.  Articles are generally cited only after they've been around for a year or two, or if they are very important.  

Places to look for citing articles:

  • Academic Search Complete: 'Cited References' at top 
  • America: History and Life:  'Cited References' at top  
  • Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text: 'Cited References' at top 
  • Environment Abstracts:  'Cited References' at top 
  • PsycINFO:  'Cited References' at top 
  • Violence & Abuse Abstracts:  'Cited References' at top  
  • Web of Knowledge (aka Web of Science):  Change 'Basic Search' to 'Cited Reference Search' 

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