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Guide for projects in Senior Seminar

Job Tracking Spreadsheet

One of the easiest ways to track the jobs you have applied to is by creating a job tracking spreadsheet. You can do so in Excel or Google Sheets. 

The column headings you should include are:

Company Name/Job Title

Job Posting URL


Contact Person/Title - use if you addressed the application to a specific person; include their title 

Contact Info - phone number and/or email for the person or office responsible for collecting applications

Application Date

Interview Date

Interview Details - include any specifics related to the interview, such as where it occurred, what you brought (an additional resume), etc

Interview Questions - include any questions you will want to ask during your interview; log the responses you received later

Follow Up Date - date on which you called or emailed to ask on the status of your application and/or thank them for the interview

Follow Up Format - email or phone

Status - offer, rejected, second interview, etc.

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