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Monroe Library Library Instruction Curriculum Map

This guide lists the target courses for library instruction within the Loyola Core and all major programs.

Monroe Library's Course-Integrated Instruction

The Monroe Library Teaching & Learning Team collaborates with faculty and chairs to identify courses that are focus opportunities for information literacy instruction in the major programs and in the Loyola Core. These courses typically feature a significant research assignment, aim to teach components of the research process, and figure as part of most students' path through a program to a degree.  

Considered together, the library instruction and research support for these courses constitute Monroe Library's course-integrated curriculum.  Our aim, in accordance with SACS accreditation standards, is to provide equitable information literacy instruction for all our students at various strategic points over the course of their career at Loyola.  We work to make sure that all our graduates have had comparable opportunities to fine-tune their information literacy as preparation for lifelong learning, their chosen disciplines, and their future careers.

This guide lists the courses currently identified for our curriculum map. We expect this map to change. If you have suggestions for additions or other changes, please contact your liaison or the library's Head of Research and Instruction, Adam Beauchamp (