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Logging in to Canvas: Home

How to log in to Canvas at Loyola University New Olrleans

Logging in to Canvas at Loyola University New Orleans

Logging In to Canvas - For Students, Staff and Faculty

Loyola students, staff and faculty can access Canvas through the university's Single Sign On (SSO) page:

Using a Web Browser

Point your web browser to or Either address will bring you to Loyola's Single Sign On page. Enter your SSO username and password, then click on the Canvas icon. 

Using a Canvas App on Smartphone or Tablet

After installing the Canvas Student or Canvas Teacher app on your smartphone or tablet, you can log in by identifying the university ("Loyola University New Orleans"). Loyola's Single Sign On page will then appear. Log in using your SSO username and password.

See below for information about your Single Sign On username and password.

Logging In to Canvas Directly - For Non-Affiliates and Some Other Users

If you have been given a special login to Loyola's instance of Canvas, you should point your browser to the direct login address: Type in the username (often an email address) and password you were provided. You can reset your existing password for this account by clicking on "Forgot Password?" on the direct login page. The reset works by sending a special link to the email address associated with your Canvas account, so the email address Canvas has for you must be valid for the rest to work. The new password you enter will apply ONLY when logging in to Canvas directly. 

Logging in to Canvas directly is not available to most university students, staff, or faculty.

About Loyola's Single Sign On Page

About Loyola's Single Sign On Page

The Single Sign On page lets you access multiple Loyola applications with only one username and password, instead of having to remember a separate username and password for each application. The Single Sign On page is the preferred method for logging in to Canvas for Loyola students, faculty and staff. The page can be found at:  or

Your username on the Single Sign On page is your complete email address ending in or

Your password on the Single Sign On page is the same as your Microsoft password (the password to your Loyola-associated Microsoft Office account on You need to set up your Microsoft account before logging in to the Single Sign On page for the first time. Also, you can change your password to the Single Sign On page by changing your Microsoft password. 

For information on setting up your Loyola-associated Microsoft account or changing your password, visit one of these pages:

If you are having trouble setting up or logging in to your Loyola-associated Microsoft account or the Single Sign On page, please open a support ticket with the Information Technology Help Desk by emailing:

Users, Courses, and Enrollments on Canvas

Users Accounts, Courses, and Course Enrollments on Canvas

Information about active semesters is automatically forwarded to Canvas from LORA, Loyola's official Student Information System. Active semesters usually include the current semester and the upcoming semester. Updates made in LORA are forwarded automatically to Canvas, usually within a few minutes, including the creation of new user accounts, changes in existing user accounts, new course shells, adds and drops in student enrollments, and assignment of instructors. 

For Loyola students and faculty, each user's name on Canvas is a copy of that user's name on LORA. If the user has entered a chosen (preferred) name on LORA Self-Service, that chosen name will be the user's name on Canvas. 

If you believe you are missing a user account or course enrollment in Canvas, the first place to check is in LORA, to make sure that the user account is fully set up and enrollment is complete. 

If you believe some information from LORA is not being forwarded correctly to Canvas, please use your Loyola email account to send a detailed description of your concern to

About Canvas Apps

About Canvas Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

For smartphones, tablets, and pads running the iOS or Android operating systems, Canvas apps are available. There is one app specifically for students and another for instructors. You can download these from the play store or app store for your type of device. After the app has been downloaded and installed, you'll be able to log in as described above.

Web Browsers Compatible with Canvas

Web Browsers Compatible with Canvas

The most widely used web browsers are compatible with Canvas, as long as the browsers are reasonably up to date. These include:

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Respondus Lockdown Browser, and Safari.

For more detailed information about browsers, browser versions, and compatibility with Canvas, CLICK HERE.