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Electronic Project Filing - Senior Design Project

Step 2 Overview: Prepare Your Project File for Submission

Now that you have your cover sheet filled out with your capstone project information, you're ready to prepare your file for submission to the library. This will involve:

2A. Converting or exporting your image and text-based files to PDF format
2B. Merging your files into a single PDF file

When you've completed this part of the process, you should have a single PDF file that includes both your completed cover sheet and your capstone project.

2A. Save Your Documents as PDF Files

For this step, export any image and text-based files as PDFs. If you can, export or save them from your production environment (e.g., InDesign, PhotoShop, etc.) as a single PDF. If you cannot export them all into a single PDF file, you can save them individually and merge them together later. To view instructions on how to save your cover sheet and/or your capstone project as as PDF files, please refer to this resource:

If you have a  video or audio file that accompanies your capstone project, save them as MP4 for video or MP3 for audio.

You should now have two primary documents: 1) Your completed cover sheet and 2) your capstone project PDF file (and any multimedia files, if applicable).

Once you have your files gathered, please proceed to Step 2C to merge your files.

2B: Merge Your PDF Files

At this stage, you should have (at least) two documents saved as PDF files.

  • Your capstone project file
  • Your cover sheet. If you have not yet created your cover sheet, please return to the previous step.

Now, you'll need to merge them into a single PDF file. For instructions on how to do this, please see:

Proceed to Step 3

By this point, you should have your capstone project saved as a single PDF file, with your completed cover sheet appearing as the first page. When this is complete, please proceed to Step 3 to submit your project to the library for filing.

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Step 3

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or need help preparing your PDF files, please send us a message.