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Guide to Resources on the Israel-Palestine Conflict, 2023: Home


Thanks to Professors Daniella Santoro, Naomi Yavneh, and Benan Grams for their contributions and assistance in creating this research guide. 

For more information about conducting a news literacy session around this topic in your class, please contact Laurie Phillips

New sources and other websites for learning more about the conflict has been offering multi-viewed resources on various aspects of the conflict:

How to Avoid Manipulation When Reading Coverage of Hamas Attacks on Israel

Israel-Hamas War: Updates, Tracking Misinformation, and More

Allsides' coverage of the conflict

The New York Times, which we have access to through our loyno email accounts, offers near continuous coverage of the conflict. Keep in mind that the NYT has been accused of being pro-Israeli, but their coverage is generally reliable, fact-based, and balanced. 

To activate your loyno New York Times subscription, go to, search for Loyola University New Orleans, then follow the instructions for setting up your account using your or email address. 

The Wall Street Journal, is more right-leaning than the New York Times, but also offers reliable, fact-based, and balanced coverage. Set up your loyno Wall Street Journal subscription through sso. 

al-Jazeera English version is known to be a balanced news source that could be very good for following an international conflict. 

Access World News is a library database that provides text access to thousands of news sources globally. They offer the Israel-Hamas conflict as a Current Events topic and suggest a complex search. 

For a more scholarly approach, is a platform created and maintained by professors from diverse American and international academic institutions. The same platform provides a collaborative teach-in series that hosts scholars and analysts who discuss the history and contemporary politics around Israel/Palestine. 

Some ways to learn more about the history and context of the conflict offers a headline round up, where they give you articles from Left, Right and Center on the same topic. Here is the one titled How History Influenced the Current Israel-Hamas Conflict. The Reuters article, especially, offers a balanced view of the history of the conflict. 

Some articles:

Lazarowitz, Arlene, Jimmy Carter, ג’ימי קרטר, and جيمي، كارتر. 2010. Ethnic Influence and American Foreign Policy: American Jewish Leaders and President Jimmy Carter. Vol. 29.

Abraham, Ibrahim. 2008. “The Intifada of Decent Feelings: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Popular Theology.” Colloquium 40 (2): 193–205. 

The Monroe Library also owns several books on the history of the conflict:

Friedman, Thomas. From Beirut to Jerusalem. New York, Farrar, Straus, Giroux, c1989. DS119.7 .F736 1989

Chehab, Zaki. Inside Hamas. New York: Nations Books, c2007. DS119.7 .C47 2007

Bickerton, Ian J. A history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, DS119.7 .B49 2010

Benvenisti, Meron. Intimate enemies. University of California Press, c1995. DS119.7 .B385813 1995

To find more books on the topic, and for more recent conflicts, go to:

Jewish-Arab relations. Palestine problem. Arab-Israeli conflict   

Call number area: DS119.7 To 1993   

Call number area: DS127.6.O3 Territories occupied by Israel in 1967 Israel-Arab War   

Call number area: DS128.183 Peace efforts following 1973 Israel-Arab War   

Call number area: DS119.75 Intifada, 1987-   

Call number area: DS119.76 for 1993-   

Call number area: DS119.765 for Al-Aqsa Intifada, 2000-   

Call number area: DS119.767 for Gaza War, 2008-2009   

Call number area: DS119.768 for Gaza War, 2014   

No Library of Congress call number has yet been assigned for the current conflict, as it is too recent.

Resources beyond news sources and books

The Center for Jewish Studies at Fordham University has gathered podcasts, articles, and other materials in a resource guide on the conflict. 

Brandeis University's Schusterman Center for Israel Studies has put together a list of suggested resources

Unpacked has created this YouTube video explaining the conflict and its history. 

Keep in mind that all three of these resources are pro-Israel and do not represent a balanced viewpoint, but should be taken in context with other resources. 

Books for background (print books at Monroe Library and at Howard-Tilton) and two ebooks)

Feldman, Rachel Z., and Ian McGonigle, eds. Settler-Indigeneity in the West Bank. Vol. 2. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2023.

Smith, Charles D. Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict : a History with Documents. Ninth Edition. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2017. DS119.7 .S618 2017 (currently checked out from the Monroe Library)

Khalīfah, Saḥar., and Ṣahar. Khalīfah. Wild Thorns. London: Al Saqi Books., 1985. Not in the Monroe Library (Tulane's call number is PJ7842.H2938 S913 1985

S. Yizhar, Khirbet Khizeh. Translated by Nicholas de Lange and Yaacoub Dweck. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008 (Hebrew, 1949) (Not in the Monroe Library but available at Tulane's Howard-Tilton Library PJ5053.Y55 S5713 2008

Theodor Herzl, Old New Land, translated from German by Lotta Levensohn. (not in the Monroe Library but available at Tulane's Howard Tilton Library  PT2617.E825 A6313 1987)

Nava Sonnenschein, & Deb Reich. (2019). The Power of Dialogue Between Israelis and Palestinians : Stories of Change From the School for Peace. Rutgers University Press.(The Monroe Library does not own this, but it is available at Tulane's Howard-Tilton Library  LC1099.5.I75 S6513 2019)

Shavit, A. (2013). My promised land: the triumph and tragedy of Israel. Random House.(Also available at Tulane's Howard-Tilton Library DS119.7 .S381877 2013)

Nusseibeh, S., & David, A. P. D. (2007). Once upon a country : a Palestinian life (1st ed.). Farrar, Straus and Giroux. DS119.7 .N825 2007

Gelvin, J. L. (2007). The Israel-Palestine conflict : one hundred years of war (2nd ed.). Cambridge University Press. DS119.7 .G3895 2007

Oz, Amos. 2004. A Tale of Love and Darkness. 1st U.S. ed. Harcourt. PJ5054 .O9 Z47313 2004

McDonald, D. A. (2013). My voice is my weapon : music, nationalism, and the poetics of Palestinian resistance. Duke University Press.

Leibowitz, Y., Goldman, E., & Leibowitz, Y. (1992). Judaism, human values, and the Jewish state. Harvard University Press. BM45 .L378 1992

Beinart, Peter. 2012. The Crisis of Zionism. 1st ed. Times Books/Henry Holt and Co. DS149.5 .U6 B45 2012