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Electronic Thesis Filing - College of Nursing and Health

This guide outlines the steps for preparing a scholarly or capstone project and filing the document with the Monroe Library for archiving.

Step 2 Overview: Gather Signatures and Prepare Your Thesis Files for Submission

Now that you have your cover sheet filled out with your scholarly project information, you're ready to prepare your file for submission to the library. This will involve:

2A. Gathering the required signatures for your cover sheet
2B. Converting your files to PDF format
2C. Merging your files into a single PDF file

When you've completed this part of the process, you should have a single PDF file that includes both your completed and signed cover sheet and your thesis / scholarly project.

2A. Gather Signatures

With your cover sheet completed, contact your committee members and request their signatures.

To request signatures, you may:

  • Send your committee members a digital version (e.g., .docx, PDF) of your completed and approved cover sheet and have them sign it digitally;
  • Provide a printed copy of your cover sheet to your committee member(s) and once they have signed it, scan the cover sheet and save it as a PDF file.

2B. Save Your Documents as PDF Files

You should now have two documents: 1) Your completed cover sheet with signatures and 2) your thesis / scholarly project file.

Both will need to be converted to PDF, if they haven't been already. To view instructions on how to save your cover sheet and/or your thesis/scholarly project as as PDF files, please refer to this resource: Once you have your files saved as PDFs, please proceed to Step 2C to merge your files.

2C: Merge Your PDF Files

At this stage, you should have two documents saved as PDF files.

  • Your scholarly project file
  • Your cover sheet, with the names, titles, and signatures of your committee chair and the program director. If you have not yet created your cover sheet, please return to the previous step.

Now, you'll need to merge them into a single PDF file. For instructions on how to do this, please see:

By this point, you should have your scholarly project saved as a single PDF file, with your completed cover sheet (with signatures) appearing as the first page. When this is complete, please proceed to Step 3 to submit your project to the library for filing.

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Step 3

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or need help preparing your PDF files, please send us a message.