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Writing About Literature: Information Literacy Module: Home

Contains a video and quiz introducing students to source evaluation techniques

This tutorial is moving to Canvas

Attention Instructors

This tutorial has been replaced by a Canvas module that you can download into your own Canvas course. The module is in the Canvas Commons, titled "Writing About Literature (WAL): Evaluating Sources."

Follow the link or search the Canvas Commons by title to locate the module and then download it into your course. You will be able to assign a due date and point value to the accompanying quiz, which consists of four (4) multiple-choice questions.

If you have any trouble locating and downloading the module, or have questions about incorporating information literacy tutorials into your course, contact Adam Beauchamp at

This version of the tutorial will be taken down in July 2024.

Evaluating Sources Video (WAL)

Watch the 10-minute video in the box below. For your convenience, the script is also available.

You may want to pause the video as you watch it to think about some of the questions it asks in connection with illustrations of important points.

Once you've finished watching the video, test your understanding by taking a short quiz, located in the box below the video. It asks you to first read a brief article and then answer four multiple choice questions about the article. The questions will ask you to practice the approach to evaluating sources that is outlined in the video. (If you have difficulty accessing the quiz in the box below, try accessing it directly. First make sure you are logged in to your Loyola -- not your personal -- Gmail account.)


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