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This research guide covers:

  • finding company information using library tools
  • conducting industry research beginning with the company's website

Competitive Intelligence defined

"Data gathered to improve an organization's competitive capacity."

competitive intelligence. (2011). In J. Law, Business: the ultimate resource (3rd ed.). London, UK: A&C Black. Retrieved from

"Information relevant to strategy formulation regarding the environmental context within which a firm competes. Beneficial because it can provide a description of the competitive environment, challenge common assumptions held about the environment, forecast future developments, determine when a strategy is no longer viable, and indicate when and how to adjust strategy to compensate for changing environment."

Kelly, L. & Booth, C. (2004). Competitive intelligence. In Dictionary of strategy: Strategic management a-z (pp. 30-30). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications Ltd. doi: 10.4135/9781452229805.n132

Handouts for Finding Company Information

Exploring a Company's Website

Here are the types of documents you can find by browsing the example website for the publicly traded company:

  • annual reports
  • presentations for investors
  • progress reports
  • fact sheets
  • supplier list
  • press releases
  • SEC filings
  • investor/shareholder directory

Company Information - Business Source Complete

Company Information - LexisNexis

Identifying Search Terms for Contextual Research