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Information Literacy Modules (Basic): For Use in Non-FYS Courses

Contains four modules that introduce basic information literacy and library research skills through videos followed by quizzes.


On behalf of the librarians at Monroe Library, welcome to Loyola! ""

On this guide, you will find three modules which comprise the library instruction for your First Year Seminar. Library faculty often teach information literacy. Information literacy can be understood as the knowledge, practices, and dispositions important to how we meaningfully engage information -- including how to find, evaluate, and use that info. 

During your first year, we hope you will come to understand the library as more than a place. It is also a team of people prepared to consult with you on your academic projects, especially your research. The library is also a diverse collection of information, discoverable on the library website: The three modules on this guide are designed to introduce you to a few ways to engage with the people and information resources at Monroe Library. To access and complete the modules, simply click on each of the blue tabs, which are organized from left to right near the top of the guide. Here are the topics for each module:

Each module will include links to full content (in text and video format) at the top. Beneath that, you will see the embedded videos, which will contain the content. Please watch these videos (or follow the script) first. At the bottom of each module, there is a short quiz to give you some practice applying the content covered in the videos. Please complete each quiz before moving on to the next module.

If you have any questions or issues with any part of the modules, please feel free to contact the Instruction & Research Coordinator, Jason Ezell:

Although we hope these modules serve as an introduction to us, our resources, and information literacy, we look forward to getting to know you and your research even better in the years to come. 

Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay. Licensed according Pixabay rights.