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Hour of Code 2016: Your Loyola Webspace

Event information and resources for Monroe Library's Hour of Code December 8, 2016

Make Your Personal Web Page

Website space is available to all active members of the Loyola community. Each valid Loyola user account is pre-assigned website space in the user directory. This is a great opportunity to practice the skills you've learned and publish on the web. Follow the steps below to get started!

Information about your webspace from Loyola Information Technology Department

  • Your website is Your loginname is the first part of your email address or a specially assigned name for your organization.
  • The file name of your website home page must be index.html and located within the /public_html/ folder in order for it to appear publically.
  • Your FTP username and password is the same as your email username and password.
  • You can NOT log into Loyola FTP from off campus (this is an intended security measure).
  • However, your public website and public files CAN be downloaded off campus.
  • Files and web sites you upload on the FTP server are public so be cautious with personal information and make sure that you abide by university policies governing publically viewable content – see Information Technology’s web site for more details.
  • There is a limit to the size of your FTP site, so please do not upload large files (over 5 MB).
  • There is no “Recycle Bin” for files on your FTP server: once you press delete, files are gone forever.
  • MS Windows Explorer and some other FTP clients are not compatible with Loyola FTP. See connection instructions below for more details.

File Transfer Protocol

FTP info from Loyola IT Department

Useful Programs