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Electronic Thesis Filing - Undergraduates

Overview: How to Use This Guide

This guide breaks down the thesis filing process in three primary steps in which you will:

  1. Create Your Cover Sheet
    • 1A. Gather the required information needed for your cover sheet (optional worksheet provided)
    • 1B. Download a template for creating your cover sheet
    • 1C. Add your thesis/scholarly project information to your cover sheet
  2. Gather Signatures and Prepare Your File for Submissions
    • 2A. Request signatures for your cover sheet
    • 2B. Save your files as PDFs
    • 2C. Merge your thesis/scholarly project files for submission
  3. Submit Your Thesis/Scholarly Project to the Library: Complete the submission form and attach your thesis/scholarly project for filing

You may need to return to this guide periodically as you make your way through each step. We recommend bookmarking this guide until you have submitted your thesis or scholarly project to the library for filing. Alternatively, you may download a PDF version of this guide (provided below) to save to your computer or for printing.

Ready to Begin?

Click on the button below to proceed to Step 1: Create Your Cover Sheet


Step 1