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Streaming Video: Mac Ripper

Tips and tricks for better quality in Streaming Video

MacX DVD Ripper Pro

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is used to produce computer video files from DVDs. A few basic settings can be used to balance the quality of the video program with the file size.

Once the DVD has been analyzed and is ready for ripping. The titles to be ripped are highlighted in blue, in this instance, only Title 1. The aspect ratio in parentheses is the closest figure to the actual aspect ratio of the input file. The height and width figures stated in pixels are best ignored for purposes of resizing the output file.

Click the gear Icon highlighted by the red arrow, above. This will bring up a window with options that can be updated:

Among the Video Options, lowering the bit rate will have the biggest impact on the output file size. Leave the Aspect Ratio set for "keep origin."  Clicking on the "Customize" button to the right of the Resolution box will allow setting a custom width and height. For a given width, the height will have to be calculated using the aspect ratio determined above. The list of heights and widths offered by clicking on "Customize" do not all agree on aspect ratio and do not all match the input.

Within the Audio Options, set the number of channel to 1 or 2, but nothing higher.