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Faculty/Librarian Partnerships

This guide profiles some of the main ways that the library can partner with faculty in their various lines of work.

Faculty / Librarian Partnerships

One of the five core goals of Monroe Library's Teaching & Learning Team relates to collaboration: We partner with the university community on pedagogical, research, and scholarly communications projects. For an overview of how we broadly address that goal, look here: Collaborations

Structure of This Guide

On this guide, we want to focus on how we partner with faculty on your research and teaching. In both areas, we want to emphasize that we look to collaborate with you on all phases of a project -- whether that be brainstorming, discovery, design, planning, delivery, promotion, assessment, or reflection. For that reason, we have organized this guide according to specific actions embedded in the arcs of research or teaching. Just click on either "Faculty Research" or "Teaching" above to identify areas where we have prepared to collaborate. 

If you would like to hear more about any of the following collaborative opportunities, or to suggest others, please let us know here: Faculty Interests ~ Library Collaborations

This guide is just a starting place. Of course, every project will look different, depending on such context as the discipline and course / research design. What we suggest most is conferring with your librarian liaison at the outset of any new project to see what we might offer.