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Faculty/Librarian Partnerships

This guide profiles some of the main ways that the library can partner with faculty in their various lines of work.

Making Course Content Available to Students ...

As you think about how to make your course content accessible and affordable for students, please consider

  • Consulting with our Associate Dean for Information Resources & Systems to secure e-textbooks or supplemental readings for your course.
  • Collaborating with our E-Reserves Coordinator to make certain course materials available electronically in Canvas.
  • Using our guide to creating direct links to library resources: 
  • Streaming library-owned films in Canvas. 
  • Consulting with Special Collections & Archives to develop learning activities using primary sources, rare books, archival and manuscript collections, and digital collections.

Using E-Textbooks in My Course

  • Before each semester, we check the ISBNs of all adopted textbooks against available unlimited user access library-licensed ebooks. We also run them against our library catalog to see if we already own the book, either in ebook or print format. 
  • If we already own the book in print, we will pull the book from our collection and put it on physical reserve for your course. This is to prevent one student from checking out the book for weeks, when others may need it. If you put other materials on reserve for your course, they will be added to whatever we pull preemptively. 
  • If we already own the ebook, Laurie Phillips, Associate Dean for Information Resources & Systems, will email you with a reminder and a permalink to add it to your course. You may add that permalink anywhere in your Canvas course that makes sense (in the syllabus, where you assign readings, etc.). 
  • If we don't own an available ebook, we will submit it for funding first to the LOUIS consortium, then we will purchase any that are not funded by LOUIS. Once the ebook is active, Laurie Phillips will send you the information and a permalink. You may add that permalink anywhere in your Canvas course that makes sense (in the syllabus, where you assign readings, etc.). 
  • You may contact Laurie Phillips if you are developing a new course and want to explore alternatives to students purchasing the textbook, or if you would like the library to purchase an ebook for supplemental readings. Also, some adoptions do not contain an ISBN, so they will not match in our process, but may be available. 
  • Once you have the permalink, please be sure to let the students know that they have the option to use the ebook rather than purchasing the textbook. This saves our students thousands of dollars. 

Making E-Reserves or Online Library Resources Available in Canvas ...


  • Book chapters and articles can be scanned and posted to your Canvas course using the request for scanning google form
  • Items scanned this way will be OCR'd for compatibility with screen readers
  • Book chapters and articles can also be requested through interlibrary loan
  • All requests for scanning will be evaluated to ensure they comply with fair use guidelines. For questions regarding fair use, please contact Jessica Perry, Interlibrary Loan/E-Reserves Coordinator

Linking to Library Resources:

  • It is better for our assessment and possibly for your students if you link directly to library online resources rather than uploading pdfs of book chapters or articles. For many of our ebooks, you can even directly link to a chapter that you're asking your students to read. 
  • Be sure that you are putting a proxied permalink in your course. Proxy allows students to use our materials remotely and permalinks or stable URLs ensure that the links don't expire. Here's a guide about creating permalinks. If you need help, consult with your liaison. 

Streaming Library-Owned Films in your Course

  • First, check the catalog to see if the library already owns the film you want to use in your course. Pull down the first menu and choose DVD, then search the title of the film. 
  • If the library owns the film, you may use this guide to link to the video in Kaltura from Canvas. If it's not there, you may request that the film be digitized by emailing the library's Information Resources Coordinator
  • If the library does not own the film you want to use, use this form to request the DVD for purchase and indicate which course you would like to stream it in. Keep in mind that we must have sufficient time to order, receive, and digitize the film. 
  • For copyright reasons, we cannot stream your personal copy of a film. Institutional subscriptions to services Amazon Prime video and Netflix are not available to us. Netflix is very restrictive about what they will permit to be shown in class from a personal subscription and there is no way to stream in Canvas from a video streaming service other than Kaltura at this time. 
  • If you need to have described video or captions for accessibility, please contact Laurie Phillips for some assistance and strategy.