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Faculty/Librarian Partnerships

This guide profiles some of the main ways that the library can partner with faculty in their various lines of work.

Embedding Librarians in Canvas ...

If your course is confirmed by the program and liaison as one for an embedded librarian, creating a visible space in Canvas for library instruction and resources is important. Your liaison can work on this with you, if you first add them to your course Canvas site as a librarian. To do that, 

  • Click on People in the left-hand vertical menu in your course site,
  • Look to the upper right on the roster page and click on + People,
  • Add your liaison by typing their email address in the required email addresses box, and
  • Select Librarian (instead of Student) in the drop-down menu for Role.

Drop-Down Role Menu with Librarian Highlighted

Once your liaison is added as a Librarian in your course, they can add relevant resources to your course. For example, the embedded liaison might share their contact info for consultations, host a research discussion board, link to helpful research guides, embed instructional videos, or post a research assignment. The form of embedding is entirely up to the course instructor and the liaison.

Example of Embedded Librarian