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Statistics: JMP

Sources of statistics at the Monroe Library, Loyola University New Orleans.

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JMP help

For help using JMP, ask Dr. Frank Jordan, Department of Biological Sciences (504-865-3829 and  For help downloading and installing JMP, contact Information Technology at 865-2255 or their offices on the second floor of the Monroe Library.  Download JMP from the university.

JMP has a lot of its own help.  After installing, click on the "Help" menu for "Books," "Tutorials," "Tip of the Day" and more.

JMP background information

JMP is a computer program used to perform statistical analyses on data.  It is primarily used in the social sciences.  JMP was created by SAS.  As the Department of Biological Sciences says:

There are several commercial (i.e., not free) statistics programs available. IBM develops and markets SPSS and the SAS institute develops and markets SAS and JMP. These programs are similar to one another. If you invest time in learning one of these programs, you should be able to quickly and intuitively learn to use the others.

Biology recommends the use of JMP to analyze and visualize data because Loyola has a site license for JMP and because students may download the program and run it directly on their own Windows and Mac computers. JMP may also be used on computers in the library or anywhere by logging in to Loyola's virtual server. Students may find it easier to enter and manipulate data in Excel or an open source spreadsheet and then import the data into JMP for graphing and analysis.

Note: This guide is not intended to cover mathematical statistics. 


Where can I use JMP?

JMP software can be downloaded directly from Loyola for installation on a Macintosh or Windows computer.  

It can also be run through the Virtual Lab.  Click on the button for JMP.  All programs are in alphabetical order.  

Other statistical analysis programs on the Virtual Lab are IBM SPSS, R and Stata.  

Online JMP guides

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