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Enhancing Your Scholarly Profile Workshop: Home

Research guide created for workshop on enhancing scholarly profiles


Welcome! This guide will walk you through three steps for enhancing your scholarly profile online: improve the discoverability of your scholarship by publishing for impact; promote your scholarship to key stakeholders; and measure the impact of your work.

Ready to dive in? Then accept our 3-Day Challenge to enhancing your scholarly profile!

This content was presented as a workshop to the Monroe Library Teaching & Learning Team on May 3, 2018. Slides from that workshop are available in Wolf-LOR, the learning objects repository.

What Qualifies As Scholarship?

Article Social media campaigns/events
Book chapters Grant applications
Books Grant reports
Whitepapers Data sets
Grey literature Interviews
Conference abstracts Software
Conference slides Code
Conference papers Learning objects
Blog posts AND MORE!


Best Practices

Provide context

  • Provide info on where you got your metrics from, and explain why that matters. For instance, instead of saying how many times your article has been views or downloaded, say the article is in the “Top 1% of articles for online impact”

Use appropriate metrics

  • Don’t compare apples to oranges. For example, if you have one set of conference slides posted in a slide-sharing repository that only tells you views, and slides on another site that only tells you downloads, don’t conflate the two. For those of you who work with web analytics or electronic resource statistics, think about how you have to articulate what each metric means and compare like metrics in order to make decisions

Review every 3 months

  • Don’t wait until the end of the year! Definitely review when you’re working on promotion/tenure applications and annual reviews, but also take a peek when it’s time for the Provost’s Report, submissions to the Board Book, grant applications, etc.


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