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Enhancing Your Scholarly Profile Workshop: Open Access Publishing Instructions

Research guide created for workshop on enhancing scholarly profiles


Now that you've established your scholarly profile online and started tracking citations and shares of your work, it's time to make sure that your work is findable and shareable for the largest possible audience. Publishing your work in Open Access journals and repositories increases the reach of your research.

Step 1: Identify articles and other materials to publish OA

If you are working on a new article, now is a great time to research OA journals to publish in! See more information about choosing OA journals on our page about Publishing for Impact.

You may also be able to increase readership for your previous publications by posting versions of them in OA repositories, though. To find out what you can do with your previous work:

  1. Search the journal title in SHERPA/RoMEO to find out what the journal's self-archiving policies are
  2. If your journal title is not listed or SHERPA/RoMEO doesn't have any information about it, check the journal's author guidelines, or find the copyright agreement you signed prior to publishing with them
  3. Identify what version of your article you can self-archive

You're not restricted to publishing only articles! You can also publish your conference slides, whitepapers, teaching materials, and so much more. See our previous information on What Qualifies As Scholarship? for more ideas about what to publish OA.

Step 2: Identify an OA Repository

Loyola does not offer an Institutional Repository, but there are many general and discipline-specific OA repositories for you to publish your work in. 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the OA Repository options in "Where Should I Publish?" for some ideas
  2. Create an account and begin uploading your work. If you're uploading versions of work that has been published elsewhere, make sure you check the publisher's requirements to see if they want to be credited, and how



Step 3: Promote Your OA Publications

Enhancing your scholarly profile is an iterative process. Once you've made your work available OA, you need to promote it!

  1. Add URLs and DOIs of your OA work to your ORCID ID profile
  2. Check your ImpactStory Profile--your OA score should have increased!
  3. Tweet your new OA Score to show the world your commitment to making your research available Screenshot of ImpactStory Open Access badge on Twitter
  4. Add links to your OA repository to your CV and resume so viewers can easily find your scholarship