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SPSS statistical software: Videos

Training and resources for the use of the SPSS statistical software program.

SPSS related guides

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The online video training service has a class "SPSS Statistics Essential Training. [preview]"  We have a subscription to, but it is only available in a limited location in the Monroe Library.  Ask at the front Learning Commons Desk to find out more. 

#SPSS on YouTube

More than 390 videos on using SPSS to record, organize and analyze data from many different sources and in different languages.  Quality may vary.   YouTube search for "SPSS introduction."

Introduction to SPSS (part I)

From Brandi A. Weiss, Ph.D., runs 7:58. "Basic introduction into Using SPSS. Includes 3 methods for getting data into SPSS."  From 2008, based on v16.  Sample file tomato.sav not available. May start with an advertisement. 

Intro to SPSS (part II)

From Brandi A. Weiss, Ph.D., runs 8:57. "Introduction to SPSS (part 2 of a 2 part video). Discusses data view versus variable view. Also shows output window, copy object feature and saving SPSS files. Includes directions for running frequencies analysis on data."  Based on v16, 2008.  Sample file tomato.sav not available. 

Library DVDs

The Monroe Library owns two editions of the escellent DVD series about statistics "Against All Odds."  The 2013 four-disc edition has number DVD-003020.  The 1989 seven-disc edition has number DVD-000526.  Note that these may be checked out only by faculty or used in the library for four hours.  All modules are also available online through the Against All Odds course site. 

Statistics demonstrated with dance (4 video playlist)

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